Cloud Computing is a relatively new term that conveys the use of information technology services and resources that are provided on a service basis. According to a 2008 IEEE paper, “Cloud Computing is a paradigm in which information is permanently stored in servers on the internet and cached temporarily on clients that include desktops, entertainment centers, table computers, notebooks, wall computers, hand-helds, sensors, monitors, etc.”



The following are some of the benefits which we foresee the users deriving out of the concept of keeping their accounting software on the CLOUD.



Similar to the concept of a "Virtual Desktop" is the concept of keeping mails on the CLOUD.




Once the concept of keeping DATA on the CLOUD is understood, it becomes easy to figure out ways and means to de-complicate the IT functionality of any office


Terms of Data Security


There two categories of companies doing the DATA on CLOUD business...one who are the likes of GOOGLE, AMAZON etc. (cos. who are core DATA center companies), and the second category is of the companies who have CLOUD as one of their product portfolios. 

It is with the Second Category that a proper charter of services should be laid out for the sake of security of DATA. The following pages hold some key points which must be a of this charter..

1. A Network Storage Space will be provided via our associates <CLOUD COMPUTING COMPANY(CCC)>

2. The Owner of the Network Space on the Server will be treated as the owner of the DATA, on same. While signing a contract, two Authorized people are mandatory to be mentioned. In case of any eventuality like termination of Contract any Stored DATA will be handed over to, only one or both, as the terms of Contract may relate, the authorized person(s).

3. The Owner(s) of the Network SERVER Space are hereby directed to keep only that DATA, which does not have any ANTI-NATIONAL content, ANTI-SOCIAL content or any other such DATA which may be deemed as unlawful to possess.

4. <CCC> will not divulge any information pertaining to its customers to anybody, under any circumstances. Thus, we direct you to communicate through the authorized person(s) of your company only, to extract any vital information from us.
5. In case of any Investigative Agency seeking any information from the Server, relating to a particular customer, <CCC> has a strict policy to dissuade any such written request. Information Technology Act, 2000, Section (43) (applicable only in INDIA) fully justifies the companies stance on its DATA SECURITY and SHARING Policies.

Some Important points which must be taken into account before entrusting any company with your valuable DATA are as follows :

1. NCS will take full precautions and ensures that the DATA will be protected against virus attack & hacking.

2. <CCC> ensures an automatic backup of the User’s DATA to be taken regularly.

3. DATA through the Server, will be accessible on all days on all times, barring few occasions on which the User might not find the accessibility due technical reasons. 

Any such technical difficulty will be duly informed to the User, as and when or if it occurs.​

4. The DATA of the User will be regarded as the Property of the User, for all times to come, and the rights to access of the same are completely vested with the User.

5.In the event of Termination the DATA will be handed over to the user under the laid down procedure in the Terms of Usage.

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